Common questions about the extension

Is Templatius' Chrome extension free to use?

Yes. It requires a free account that provides 50 free template uses/month. You can upgrade your account for unlimited use.

Does the extension download, scrape, or monitor my email?

No, the extension will never be used to save data from the content of pages you visit including your email.  The extension adds a unique interface to your Gmail compose window to allow for template selection.

How does the field merging work?

Each time you insert a template that contains a contact merge token Templatius examines the TO field of your email and parses the name for use in your template.

How many templates can I save?

There is no limit on how many templates you can save. The only limit is on the number of template uses per month, defined by your subscription.

How can I uninstall the extension?

Visit the page of the extension in Chrome Web Store and click "Remove from Chrome". You can also remove it from the extensions manager in Chrome.

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