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A rich HTML Gmail email templates extension built to save professional Gmail users time.
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Email Templates for Gmail Professionals

Turn your most repetitive Gmail emails into templates that you can personalize and instantly insert into your everyday Gmail emails.
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Simple to Use, Built for Speed

Gmail’s canned responses are painful to use, existing email template plugins over complicate or make a mess of a simple feature. Templatius make it easy.

Our template picker is designed into the flow of the native Gmail compose window so adding an email template to gmail is super-fast.
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Unlimited Templates

There are no limits to the number of Gmail email templates you can create as a free user. We built Templatius to make you more productive and we want you to template everything!

Turn your most effective and repetitive emails into templates today.
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Searching & Tagging

Quickly finding the right Gmail template is just as important as being able to create them in the first place.  

We meticulously crafted our search and tagging interface to make sure you will find the prefect template in seconds by typing text associated with your template or selecting tags.

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Turn your repetitive emails into templates today!
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Templatius is a Chrome browser extension that provides best-in-class email template functionality to Google Gmail.

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